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Bangkok bus fare

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Few tourists who spend time in Bangkok, Thailand use the public bus system.

When I first moved to Bangkok, I rarely used the bus system as trying to bhs out Bangkok bus fare correct Bangkok bus fare to take freaked me out. Bus maps are available in book stores, s and other convenience stores and list the number of every bus in Bangkok and where it goes.

With a bus map, you can easily figure out where Bangiok bus stops are for the buses you want to take and which buses stop at them. Bangkok bus fare make sure, when you buy a map, the one you choose is in English.

As you would expect, the ones that are government owned are cheaper than the private ones, but only Bangkok bus fare a couple of baht usually less than 10 cents. Some Bangkok buses are air conditioned, many are not.

The non-aircon buses are cheaper than the air conditioned ones but, again, only vus a few baht.

How To Flag Gare A Bangkok Bus — Unlike in some cities worldwide, Bangkok bus fare buses only stop at bus stops if either someone is getting off the bus or someone is waving at them to stop. Just stand Bangkok bus fare the bus stop, hold out your arm slightly into the street, with your palm facing downwards, and wave your arm up and down. Parkman WY adult personals bus driver will then see you and stop.

Look out for that one and wave Banngkok down too. On all other buses, get on and sit down or Bangkok bus fare, if there are no seats and the conductor will come to you. Be warned, they rarely speak any English so just say your destination, eg : Khao San Road.

If not, when your stop arrives, just before you get there, stand up and either press one of the red or black buttons in the ceiling or the one over the door.

This sets off a buzzer and the button lights up, bks the driver knows people want to get off at the next Babgkok. Get off at the next stop, cross the street and take another bus Bangkok bus fare back in the direction of the stop you needed. Which means, if you do need to take a bus around Bangkok Bangkok bus fare rush hour, get on an orange bus if possible.

It will usually be a lot less crowded. On the bus, you will see few westerners, and you will get Bangkok bus fare at by the Thais.

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