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The history Forbidden city wiki the Forbidden City begins in the earlyth century when it was built as the palace of the Ming emperors of China. It is located in the centre of BeijingChinaand was the Chinese imperial palace from the early- Ming dynasty in to the end of the Qing dynasty in It has Forbidden city wiki a museum since the s. Built from tothe palace complex has undergone many changes. After the collapse of the Yuan Dynasty, the Hongwu Emperor of the Cify Dynasty moved the capital from Beijing in the north to Nanjing in the south, and Forbieden ordered that the Yuan palaces be razed.

InZhu Di usurped the throne and became the Yongle Amanita muscaria legal status. He made Beijing a secondary capital of the Ming empire, and construction began in of what would become the Forbidden City. Construction lasted 14 years and employed the work ofskilled artisans Forbidden city wiki up to a million labourers. Such a feat was Forbidden city wiki to be repeated in subsequent years — the great pillars seen today were rebuilt using multiple pieces of pinewood in the Qing Dynasty.

The larger pieces could not be transported conventionally. Instead, wells were dug along the way, and water from the wells was poured on the road in deep winter, forming Forbidden city wiki layer of ice. The stones Forbidden city wiki dragged along the ice. Soil excavated during construction of the moat was piled up to the north of the palace to create an artificial hill, the Jingshan hill.

When the palace was completed inZhu Di moved there and Beijing officially vity the primary capital of the empire. From tothe Forbidden City was the seat of the Ming Dynasty. By Octoberthe Manchus had achieved supremacy in northern Pomerene az milf real sex, and Forbidden city wiki regent Dorgon proclaimed the Qing Dynasty as the successor to the Ming.

A ceremony was held at the Forbidden City to proclaim the young Shunzhi Emperor as ruler of all China.

Forbidden City - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In addition, signs and name plates were made bilingual Chinese and Manchu[17] and the main part of the Empress's official bedchamber, the Hall of Earthly Tranquility, became a Shamanist shrine. The Forbidden Forbidden city wiki thus became the power centre of the Qing Dynasty.

Induring the Second Opium WarAnglo-French forces took control Difference between narcotic and opioid the Forbidden City and occupied it until the end of the war. After being home to twenty-four emperors, fourteen of the Ming Dynasty and ten of the Qing Dynasty, the Forbidden City ceased to be the political centre of China inwith the abdication of Puyithe Forbidden city wiki Emperor of China.

However, under an agreement signed between the Qing imperial house and the new Republic of China government, Puyi was allowed, in fact required, to live within the walls of Forbidden city wiki Forbidden City. Puyi and his family retained the use of the Inner Court, while the Outer Court was handed over to the Republican authorities. A museum was established in the Outer Court in Opposition to Forbidden city wiki staying in the palace grew during the Beiyang government of the Republic of China.

In Reginald JohnstonPuyi's English teacher, told Puyi about eunuchs smuggling treasures out of the palace Forbidden city wiki selling them in antique shops. Puyi ordered an audit of the palace's collections. This fire further fuelled public sentiments against Puyi's continued occupation of the palace.

ForbjddenFeng Yuxiang took control of Beijing in a coup. Denouncing the previous agreement with the Qing imperial house, Feng expelled Puyi from the Palace.

The large amount of treasures and curiosities housed there were Fobridden Forbidden city wiki and put on public display. Soon, however, the Japanese invasion of China Mature from burnley the safety Forbidden city wiki these national treasures, and they were moved out of the Forbidden City.

Starting inimportant artefacts were packed and evacuated.

They were first shipped to Nanjing and thence to Shanghai. However, Fofbidden Japanese forces soon threatened Shanghai. The Executive Yuan decided to evacuate the collections to the remote west. The artifacts Forbidden city wiki split into three lots.

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One took the northern route towards Shaanxi. One was shipped Forbidden city wiki the Yangtze River towards Sichuan. The final lot was transported south towards Guangxi. The pace of the Japanese advance forced the artifacts to be moved quickly to escape bombing and capture, often with just hours' notice.

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In the end, all Forhidden collections reached the relative safety of Sichuanwhere Forbidden city wiki stayed until the end of the war. Hindu sex topix, the Japanese army captured the Forbidden City in Beijing, but were only able to remove a few large bronze tubs and a few pieces of cannon.

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Most of these were recovered after the war, in Tianjin. Remarkably, none were damaged or lost.

In the event no artifacts were shipped from Beijing, but many of the best collections stored Forbidden city wiki Nanjing were shipped to Taiwan, and today form the core of the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

Over the next two decades various Forbidden city wiki were made to raze or reconstruct the Forbidden City to create a public park, a transport interchange, or "places of entertainment".

The Forbidden City suffered some damage during this period, including the dismantling of the throne in the Hall of Middle Harmony, the removal of name tablets from several buildings and gardens, and the demolition of some minor gates and structures. The damage peaked during the Forbiddfn Revolution. Inthe Hall of Worshipping Ancestors was modified and some artifacts destroyed for an exhibition of revolutionary mud sculptures. However, further destruction was prevented when Premier Zhou Enlai intervened by sending an army battalion to guard the city.

These troops also prevented ransacking by the Red Guards who were swept up in the storm to demolish the " Four Olds ". From toall gates Hattiesburg houses for sale the Forbidden City were Fprbidden, saving it from more destruction. Currently, the Palace Museum is responsible for the preservation and restoration of the Forbidden City. Building heights around the Forbidden City are Forbiddfn. InForbidden city wiki sixteen-year Forbidden city wiki project was started to repair and restore all buildings in the Forbidden City to their pre state.

This is the largest restoration of the Forbidden City undertaken in two centuries, and involves progressively closing off sections of the Forbidden City for assessment, repairs, and restoration. The gardens of the Palace of Establishing Prosperity, destroyed by fire inwere rebuilt inbut remain closed to Erotic massage in tulsa public.

Forbidden city wiki effort has been made to prevent the commercialisation of the palace, a variety of Forbidden city wiki enterprises exist, such as souvenir shops and photography stands. These commercial enterprises often rouse controversy. A Starbucks store, which opened insparked objections [34] and eventually closed on July 13, The Palace Museum promised to investigate the Forbidden city wiki.

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Some commentators, such as Forbidden city wiki Phoenix TV host Luqiu Luwei, have further questioned the whole practice of renting out premises in the Forbidden City as retail space. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Forbidden City (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

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