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Hetalia quiz boyfriend

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This is my very first quiz! So please Hetalia quiz boyfriend nice :' you are Hetalia quiz boyfriend to choose some scenarios and some of your likes and dislikes and hopefully, the outcome may reach your expectations.

First question ;u; if ever you were to go on a vacation, which place would you Hetaliia to go?

New York. Bright, Energetic and Sweet loves girls. Kind-hearted, energetic, headstrong! I came back didn't I?

I will never leave you! Unexpectedly, two strong arms were wrapped around your waist. I-it's just t-that, I don't know h-how to express my feelings towards you.

You were all alone now and decided to ditch your date since he was the first one who ditched you. After Hetalia quiz boyfriend while of walking, you finally stopped at a overview of the ocean. The view was splendid considering it was sunset.

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Disappointment was all you can feel at the time being. He ran to you and hugged you tightly. You had wore the best poker face you can do.

After minutes, you were held by the hand. You yanked you hand away from his grip.

Trying not to be really obvious in the answers because I hate that in a quiz ENJOY~!. Alma: Who is YOUR Hetalia boyfriend? (Lesser Characters Version) Rebecca's result is Gilbert Weillschmidt (Prussia) AWESOME!!! You got. Hola~ I'm Rosa, and this is my first quiz~ I hope you'll like it! And if you don't like this quiz, tell me and I'll try to make the next better~ sorry for my.

Olive Green. Emerald Green. Auburn Brown.

Hazel Brown. Vivid Blue.

This is my very first Yandere quiz and it would mean a lot to me if This quiz is for all Yandere boy lovers. Which Yandere boy would fit you. Who is your Hetalia boyfriend? Also includes what they think. Quiz. My quiz result - 2p Hetalia boyfriend.

The British accent. Don't you think so, love?

Non mi interessa I don't really care The all time awesome American accent! It so rocks dude!

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