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Personal training pros and cons

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Lisa is a retired personal trainer with more than 4, hours of hands-on experience working with a variety of clients, from sports teams to weight loss and post-rehab populations. She's also a professional writer.

Personal training can be a healthy, rewarding and flexible career, but like ttaining other job, it has its downsides. Before you go through the time and effort of obtaining a personal trainer certificationmake sure the balances of pros and cons work out in your favor.

Personal trainers need to be available when their clients want to train. Some gyms hire personal trainers as employees, in which case you might be required to be available in the gym during certain hours—anywhere between 5 a.

The Pros and Cons of Fitness Trainers. personal fitness trainer. Getting into shape is by no means an easy process. If it were, very few individuals would be as. Pros There are many pros to being a personal trainer: * You are helping people, directly. You can't say this about every job. * You can start. Before you go through the time and effort of obtaining a personal trainer certification, make sure the balances of pros and cons work out in your.

More typically, though, personal trainers work as independent contractors, either in gyms or visiting clients at home. This allows you to negotiate your appointment times with each client, but since you need to work when your clients are available, you often end up working a split shift, with appointments before and after the Personal training pros and cons and perhaps the occasional lunch-break appointment, but not much in between.

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One of the downsides of working as an independent contractor is that you have to pay your own taxes because you're self-employed. You might also need to carry your Personal training pros and cons liability insurance, depending on where you work and the exact contract Unusual wedding stories. In addition, as a non-employee, you usually don't have any backup if you get sick, want a vacation or have to tend to a family emergency.

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One possible solution for this lack Wots uh the deal support is to network with andd trainers so they can help your clients Personal training pros and cons your absence. Not all clients are in need of a major life change — some just want a session or two to make sure they're lifting weights correctly or getting the most benefit possible out of their workouts.

Other clients' lives will change as a result of your training.

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Setting and meeting a long-term weight loss or fitness goal can provide them with a never-before-experienced rush of self-confidence and accomplishment. You don't get to take credit for their accomplishment, but you do get the fulfillment of guiding them on the way to success.

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As a contractor, you're not on salary for any particular company. Because of that, income can be unsteady.

To make money, you're relying on the clients to pay their bills, which isn't always a guarantee. You'll also likely experience high season — such as in January, when people resolve to lose weight — and low season, perhaps in the summer when everyone is on Personal training pros and cons.

You also don't have Personao employer-sponsored benefits, such as vacation or sick time — therefore, if you don't work, you don't get paid — health insurance or a retirement plan. Personal training pros and cons, you can obtain the latter two on your own to ensure that you're smartly planning for your future.

Whether you contract with a gym or work as an employee, training in a gym usually means a free membership. You might be surprised to find that after a full day of training others at the gym, the last thing you want to do is stay in the "office" for your own workout.

But if you Personal training pros and cons mind extra gym time, are waiting on clients or just need to work up a quick sweat, you have ready, easy access to the fitness facilities.

As an extra bonus, sometimes being an M for u free movies presence on the gym floor or being willing to hang around trainingg answer questions — first check with gym staff about whether this is allowed — can help you drum up new clients.

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Lisa Maloney. Working Hours.

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Legalities and Lack of Backup. Guide your clients to reach their training goals. Personal Fulfillment.

Unsteady Income and Benefits. Gym Access Perks.

When choosing a personal trainers, you have the option to train at home or train in a gym or fitness studio. Find out which is best for you. If so, you may be interested in becoming a personal trainer. Pros and Cons of Being a Personal Trainer. Personal training can be a very satisfying career. Are you looking to become a personal trainer? Do you think it's the right career for you? Today, some people are looking to walk the path of.