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Squirrel poop on deck

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Yes, my son caught one doing this today!

The DH had the BB gun out this weekend as they were climbing into a bird feeder I am Squirrel poop on deck of having a squirrel shooting tournament. Karma, do they poop in your plants? Your lucky if all they do is Poop!

The ones I have literally dig the plants Sqyirrel bulbs right out of the pots and ground. I tried the red Squirrel poop on deck thing, they left for a while, then came back with sombreros singing La Cook a Ra cha can't spell it Squirrel poop on deck screaming Ole'. One year they stripped all the tomatoes off my 3 plants, they ate their fill and I found half eaten green ones in the drivway.

I'm told that if you catch them, you might as well kill them then because if you haul them off, they will be disoriented and die of starvation in Squirerl few days.

Ask me if I care!! Azaela, what a riot!

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So funny to hear about the dancing squirrels, however, in reality, they are a real nuisance! I just read somewhere that some cat feces helps to deter them. I'm using the red pepper method and dangling CD Roms for birds.

The below photos should help you properly identify the animal poop that you see. These are pictures of squirrel poop. If you see these types droppings in your. He use to sunbathe in the tree near my deck and when the tree died he used the deck. Nothing seems to .. Squirrel poop is like the size if a rice grain. Reply. The thought of discussing the differences between squirrel droppings and rat droppings is not pleasant. Nonetheless, if you've notice animal droppings around .

In surprisingly may be working here also: I used sludge municipally treated human waste as a top dressing over one flower garden area the stuff packs to the steep slope and holds the soil from eroding until my ground covers can do the work.

I noticed that this bed is never bothered by squirrels, so maybe the sludge is really an anti-squirrel application.

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Has anyone else used sludge with similar results? He spends most of the day, everyday, walking around with a stick and hitting things to chase them away. The squirrels seem to dance around this neighbor and his stick.

Hang in there. Squirrels pooping in my plants on the deck!!!

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