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When a woman says you smell good I Am Look Horny People

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When a woman says you smell good

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Hello guys, you must have asys some of the popular deodorant ads where women fall all over guys because they smell yummy. But good news: good smell has its positive effect on the subconscious mind of a woman.

Prakash Kothari, consultant for the World Association for Sexology informs that the way a man smells can lead to slight sexual excitement but not necessarily arousal. Though, it can certainly add to the total sexual gratification.

In her case the smell led to repulsion. For Vama Pareek, a lawyer, 25, the scent of a man is very fascinating. Same goes for Diksha Raghani, 23, a consultant in Mumbai.

Kothari believes that an aftershave or a perfume plays the same role in human beings as the odoriferous gland does in some animals. This gland is present in male species of musk-deer, the beaver, civet-cats and some other animals.

It secretes an odoriferous substance, as musk or castoreum, and serves as secondary sexual organs, helping the males to attract females. This oil was edible and hygienic and lasted longer than the alcohol or spirit based perfumes we have today.

Since I am very finicky about hygiene, a good perfume will definitely impress me. Lot of women subconsciously decodes little cues like smell to judge the kind of wwoman you are.

A smell tells gives a little peek into your style and personality. If the smell is right and merges with our sense of style, then we simply get attracted to you.

Home Lifestyle. Women get attracted to men who always smell good Good smell has its positive effect on the subconscious mind of a woman. Written By Ankit Ajmera.

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