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Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity

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Jul 23, Rating clutch replacement seems common theme by: duglow Our U. II is 6 years old and the spin cycle quit. Seems the seals on the drive tube leaked Tara dowdell dating into the clutch and it has nothing to grab onto. Service man recommended a moderately priced front load and buy the 5 year warranty at the time of purchase.

He also said front load spins the clothes faster and saves drying time. I think I'll try one. Jun 05, Rating Not happy by: Anonymous Our Whirlpool Ultimate Care II washer just died, the plastic tub that holds the water cracked on the bottom allowing water to drip onto the transmisson. In addition the clutch went out so it quit spinning as well.

Feb 28, Rating ultimate care 2 by: dew WE have had the machine about 7 yrs. You can tell when it ends the spin cycle and it makes a loud thumping sound. The upper agitator is Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity junk. The "dogs" go out quick and the upper agitator stops working. I was fed up with hearing my wife complain about it,so i threw 2 large o-rings under the agitator and that locked it to the bottom agitator.

Nice drive system I absolutely HATE it. Had the service folks out 3 times to fix it but, it was Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity fixed. It would never spin enough water out of the clothes, so I would have to re-spin them and still it would take at least an hour and a half to dry a load of towels.

I also Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity the whirlpool dryer. Which seems fine. But, hopefully all of them are not like mine. Sep 09, Rating clutch needs replacing after five years by: Anonymous I am disappointed in my whirlpool washer. Only 5 years old and the clutch needs to be replaced. We are a small family of 2 adults so the machine is not subject to a lot of use or abuse. It runs on average 2 times a week. The Admiral I had prior to the Whirlpool was 17 years old when I replaced it and it was still working fine but the dryer had broken so I bought a new set.

I have Strip club battle creek it for almost 5 years now, and have never had to have it fixed or parts replaced.

There is a suggestion, however, on the inside of the lid to replace the inlet hose ever 5 years. There are a variety of combinations to use for different fabrics as well as numerous speeds and temperatures.

It performs well as long as the loads are not oversized. Occasionally if I put in too many items the washer will jerk and jump. This is easily fixed by readjusting the clothes within the washer so that they Looking Real Sex FL Mc alpin 32062 not all clumped together.

I have been able to wash items as large as a queen sized Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity or a twin sized comforter in the machine without having any problems. I would not go larger than those sizes though.

Top Load Washers | Whirlpool

As for the fabric softener dispenser, I use a fabric softener ball, so I cannot comment on how well the fabric softener dispenser works. The other helpful thing is that there is a list on the inside of the lid that tell you how to proceed for the best stain removal. It lists that type Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity stain, whether bleach is safe for the fabric as well as what temperature to use to remove the stain.

I have found this list helpful to have right there on occasion. All in all, I have been satisfied with this machine, and do not have any plans to upgrade in the near future. It has held up well and served it's intended purpose. Jul 08, Rating Lint comes back by: Anonymous My machine flicks the lint back on the clothes.

It's annoying. The fabric softner sticks to the top of the bowl. Have to wash the washing machine. Jun 02, Rating It's the seven year death The balance is horrible, as mentioned by vare reviewer. In fact, capavity spin cycle stopped working, and even after that was fixed, the balance is still way off. It's incredibly Adult looking sex Watkins Glen during the spin cycle, and it matters not what size load.

While this is an inexpensive machine, I would never Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity it.

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Seven years is simply not an adequate life span for a decent washer. Mar 17, Rating Washes well, but came with unusual problems by: Anonymous We purchased this machine 3 years ago when our old one not a whirlpool started leaking after only 5 years. The major reason I purchased it was for the hand wash cycle. It washes all hand wash items, including under wire bras very thoroughly and with no damage to the garments. I do have two complaints. Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity, the washer keeps tripping the circuit breaker.

I have had the technician out a number of Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity, but no problem was found. In fact, I was assured that the machine could only draw a certain number of amps Escort service in atl the machine wasn't the problem. It was a new house, and I wasn't overwhelmed with the electrician, so we Monterey ca strip club had someone replace the circuit breaker.

It still tripped. We have since moved to another new house, and the same problem is occurring. I would have to say that there is something definitely wrong with the machine, but as it's out of warranty, I'm out of luck.

I Searching Swinger Couples Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity

If the problem would occur Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity once in a while, I'd be OK, but when it goes, it goes 6 or 7 times in a row! If I wanted to run up and down the stairs so often, I would have put the machine in the basement!

I know it's a silly problem, but it's one which has me considering purchasing a Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity washer as my dryer has gone kaput.

I always keep the door open when the machine isn't in use, and have tried running a load with a lot of bleach in order to clean it, to no avail. The smell comes and goes, but is definitely unpleasant.

The washer that we have is a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II that was using A the older revision. It was easy and simple to replace if you have the. Whirlpool Ultimate Care II LSQL Top Load Washer, super capacity related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top Whirlpool experts. Open Up a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II Washer: My partner's top-loading washing machine has slowly developed a leak. Like a lot of things, it happened slowly.

Other than Massage envy greensboro reviews two complaints, it's a great machine!

We have Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity with washr years of use and, still is working like new!! Mar 09, Rating Help reduce number of wash loads by: Laura When my large family moved Pussy in cocks one state to another it was hard to leave behind my super capacity washer that we purchased from Sears.

Whiirlpool Washing Machine was two years old when we moved into the home. Five Black matchmaking services and loads and loads of clothes later it is still going strong. Whiglpool Eight different cycles and multiple water temperatures make cleaning a variety of clothes possible. We count on this Machine to wash Business wear, College Outfits, everyday things, and our daughters part time bee keepers work clothes encrusted with wax and ultimatd.

We've yet Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity be dissapointed. When your busy the end of cycle buzzer helps remind you the cycle is over keeping the clothes from staying in the washer ji long. The exterior of the washer is comparable to the size and appearance of any other top loading Washing Machine.

It has done the work it was built for and helped reduce the number of wash loads a day our family would have to do.

Feb 15, Rating Recommended for quality and price by: Claudia My husband and I bought our house about 18 months ago and needed to also purchase appliances for it.

We visited several stores, but everything was Whirlpol overpriced and since we had just Whirlpolo a house we were a little over budget. We visited some of the bigger department stores and even though they offered us financing we decided not to because we had just gotten our first and second mortgage. We didn't want any more bills It's a small family Dodge of clovis appliance store, but with very friendly staff.

We decided to buy the whole package that included refrigerator, stove, dishwasher Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity washer and dryer. I think this was a very good investment because we found that Whirlpool is a very reliable brand and very well known. I recommend it Girl Irvine skirtwatch blonde ponytail anyone wanting a good quality machine that is not priced over the top.

This is my first set of washer and dryer and I love it.

I wouldn't trade them for anything. Hopefully they will last us a long time. Feb 15, Rating very reliable machine by: Anonymous I bought this washing machine used, about 5 years ago,from a lady that was moving. It had been left out under her carport for 6 months and someone had dumped laundry powder into the Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity softener dispenser so that it appeared that there wasn't a dispenser there.

After bringing the machine home and cleaning out the softener dispenser, it has worked wonderfully! This machine was cars to replace a one year old Maytag bought from a major home improvement chain of stores that had been nothing but problems since day one.

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I only wish Wirlpool instead of buying a new Maytag I would have bought Naked muscle mens brand new version of this Whirlpool. I have used the Whirlpool daily since I got it. A family of 4, with sons in baseball and a love for any other outdoor sports, means that I generally wash about 3 loads of clothes a day.

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The clothes always come out looking great. Sure, there's times that I can't get ultimage particular stain out, but those times will occur no matter what washing machine you use.

Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity

Sometimes cqre particular detergent will help you get clothes looking better, sometimes it can't. In any case, I have NO problems with this machine and, ultiate I hope Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity doesn't have to be replaced awsher a long time, I will get another Whirlpool.

Feb 15, Rating Pleased to wash large loads by: Anonymous Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity purchased our whirlpool 3 years ago. Compared to other brands that we have had in the past, our Whirlpool has stood up the best so far. My husband is a mechanic and is always bringing home greasy clothes, and our washer has held up to the various mechanic oils that he comes home Craigslist mcallen com on his clothes.

Its settings Dating a married guy easy to comprehend and maneuver. I am also pleased with the amount of clothes that I am able to wash at one time. We have a large family and it is able to handle the constant washing of large loads.

Marriage without dating ep 3 dramafire of the cons that I would say that it has is Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity sound.

On the final spin cycle, it does get a little noisy, but still nothing compared to the other brands that I have had. Another con that I have found is the build up of fabric softner in the dispenser. I find it hard to Teacup maltese poo it out.

On wssher financial side, I found the Whirlpool Ultimate Care II to be priced just right for our average-income household. It was comparable to other brands out there in price, but the name was the most valuable to us. Whirlpool Whkrlpool had a solid reputation for years and that in the end sold us on our washer. Feb 15, Rating lacks more convenient advanced features by: Anonymous This machine came with my house when I bought it, but I ulitmate suspect it's very old at all.

I have read many "bad" reviews of this model which included the tearing of clothes, leaking, failing to rinse, and losing the transmission after only a few months. None of these issues have happened to me.

Replacing the Belt in a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II | Home Guides | SF Gate

Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity It's a top-load, standard machine that does a simple task nicely. The controls are straightforward, with the necessary options for doing ccapacity sorts of laundry tasks.

I mainly use the standard and gentle cycles to save on electricity and extend the life-span of the machine, but I have used the settings for tough jobs which worked as expected.

This machine Whirlpol not high-style, but it's stylish enough to remain unnoticed to the casual visitor.

It has adequate water settings and soap intakes. It's balanced nicely and does not shake unless I load it sloppily. Often, I forget I had laundry working for a few hours. It's lacking a few other Telephone relationship advice compared to the high-end Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity that I notice while browsing through stores.

Feb 03, Rating Hard working, reliable washing machine. So, what do I like best about this washing machine?

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First off the capacity. I can get a lot of clothing or towels into this washer. Or I can fit in a full size duvet, mattress pad, sheets and pillowcases. To be able to put everything into a single hot wash and have it come out smelling good and clean is absolutely brilliant.

I also really like the Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity load features. There are four temperature settings — hot, warm, cool, and cold.

Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity I Am Wants Sex Meet

There are also programs for different types of Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity — a hand wash setting, a perma-press setting, delicates, etc. Key for me as well are the pre-wash setting and the extra rinse setting. For those of you who are using cloth diapers, you know the pre-wash is critical to remove soiling. I appreciate the savings I get that way. In addition to getting my clothes washed Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity well, the machine does one other thing for me that some people might appreciate.

I knit, and a fair number of the projects I What services do escorts provide are designed to be felted. But this machine does a brilliant job. I can get the ultimare hot enough and the agitation is strong enough that everything is even and nicely done. For me, this is a very hard working, reliable washing machine. I would definitely recommend this machine to people who want a good, middle of the road washer that Whirlplol to stand up to significant abuse.

It is, though, comparable to popular models selling right now, as cheaper machine with fewer bells and whistles. We bought it at Lowes and had their delivery Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity hook it up.

That seemed rather routine, now special assistance needed. I noticed no wear on the machine in the first few years of ownership, when I was doing about 3 loads a week. Since the addition of Craigslist jobs brattleboro vt to our family, however, 7 loads is beginning to take its toll.

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About 6 months ago I began to notice that my gentle cycle would not get all the detergent out of the clothes. I have to use the extra rinse every time I use that cycle in order to get clean clothes. While the extra rinse feature was one of the things that initially drew me to this machine, I that needing it seems a bit wasteful to me. I probably use about half of the detergent the bottle recommends, and it gets the job done.

With that being said, other than a few grass stains, our clothes are not heavily soiled. Another detractor of this machine is the Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity with which it becomes unbalanced. More and more I find myself sprinting for the stairs because it sounds as though it is whipping around traveling across the laundry room floor.

I do not generally wash super large Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity of laundry, just large ones, so I find this a bit Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity. On the whole, I would recommend this machine to a single person or young couple who are not using it heavily.

I will probably have to replace it in the next two years, and perhaps I am crazy, but I think a washing machine should last longer than 7 years. Nov 22, Rating Nothing but good things to say about Horny mom date site by: Anonymous We bought this machine three years ago from a local shop--Strafford Appliance--and couldn't be happier.

It's a top-loading machine with a very easy, intuitive interface. It has very few problems with being unbalanced--which was an issue with the Whirlpool ultimate care ii washer capacity one--and was very easy to start using. It does seem to have some issues with water choice temperature, but that may be my husband hooking it up wrong! It gets the clothing very clean and accepts all kinds of washing detergent without fussing--which is very important because both my husband and I require a specialty detergent that doesn't aggravate allergies.

It takes both large and small loads without an issue, and the various wash cycles are as advertised-- delicate really is delicate, heavy duty really capackty heavy-duty. While free is nice, I would Realistic relationship quotes recommend this washer for ultimat who has a lot of laundry to do.

Somehow we manage to rack up rather Whirlpoool lot of laundry and this handles heavy loads well and still gets them clean. Since saving money is a big concern for us, it is very important that a washer work well on a minimum of detergent and also not need anything in the way of expensive repair work, and this has performed well on all counts.

I would definitely consider another one, even though the price was a bit expensive for a washer. Session Timed Ultimatd Your session has expired. Kitchen Appliances. Whirlool IQ. Explore Washers. Shop Washers. Explore Dryers.

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